The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss (Really!!!)

I’ve just watched  this video below by Live Lean TV. It’s pretty uncoventional and many people may think that this guy is out of his mind.




Brad Gouthro knows what he is talking about. As a Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, he has researched and applied all these tips to his daily life.

To check the recipe, click here.

As unconventional as it seems or sounds, do not stop watching this video. Everything is explained in due time.

I have actually given it a try myself and the results were amazing. I believe that PFF breakfast is the best breakfast and you SHOULD try this method before turning it down.


I also like Live Lean 20 Diet System. It looks so easy. Haven’t tried it yet though because of the tons of material on his YouTube Channel (but I’m secretly lurking for a sale!).

Also check his latest book THINK AND LIVE LEAN on Amazon. (waiting for a sale there too… or -better- a gift card!)


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